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Expected April 5th, 2023

This is a repeat breeding. The first litter produced very talented pups all around with high drive and great trainability.

We are accepting  a couple more deposits

VC Schwarzwalds Hand of Kings (King) 
Coat - dense / medium harsh

Liver and roan
PENNHIP L .23 R .25
OFA thyroid - normal
Weight 62 lbs


Holden Point's Adelaide UT prize I 204 NA prize I 108 (Xena)

DOB: 11/3/ 2017

Weight:  58 lbs

Height:  24 in

Coat:  dense / medium harsh

Color:  black tkd

OFA hips - good

OFA thyroid - normal

OFA eyes - normal

OFA cardiac - normal


Xena inRI 2.jpg

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