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Our Dogs

Demonstrated achievers with NAVHDA titled dogs with high drive and intense point.  Affectionate and loyal companions who make great family dogs.

Ripsnorter's Makin' Mayhem (Izzy)

(VC Griffs Viking Chewbacca x CH Ripsnorter's Defying Gravity NA 112 I)

DOB: 6-24-2012

weight:  50lbs

height: 24in

coat:  medium dense, medium harsh

color:  liver



Izzy has an incredible desire to please

and works tirelessly until the job is done.

Izzy possesses the skill and finesse of a

true bird dog. She has the ability to change

speeds depending on the terrain and cover.

Izzy has a very high drive and an intense

point.  She is affectionate and loyal and loves

spending time with her family.  

german wirehaired pointer breeders
german wirehaired pointer breeders

Bone Point's Unity (CC)

(Dual Shots Behind Bars NA 112 I, UT 178 III x Bone Point's Kenai NA 112 I, UT 186 II)

DOB: 8-3-14

weight:  50lbs

height:  23in

coat:  medium dense, medium harsh

color:  liver tkd



CC's drive is off the charts.  She has no quit

in her and is a bird finding machine.  

She has demonstrated expertise in her first

season.  CC has a very intense point and

an outstanding nose.  She loves the water

and has a great duck search.  CC is a fast

learner and is able to take training pressure

with stride.  She is all business with no

hesitation.  CC is calm in the house and

an excellent family dog....when not in the

field hunting, she is happiest when she is

sitting in someone's lap!


Holden Point's Adelaide (Xena)

(CH Kimmax Camus At Claddagh MH UT1 x Bone Point's Unity NA 112 I)

DOB: 11/3/ 2017

weight:  58 lbs

height:  24 in

coat:  dense, medium harsh

color:  black tkd

NAVHDA NA  prize I 108

NAVHDA UT prize I 204


Xena in RI. .jpg
Xena training.jpeg
Xena inRI 2.jpg
Xena and her pheasant.JPG
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